2011 Exhibitor Packet — 2011 Conference Exhibitor Q & A
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Q: What’s BoothBoss?

A: It’s the easiest way to register your booth!

BoothBoss is a user friendly space management system that allows for online booth registration. In addition to its many administrative benefits, exhibitors may create a virtual booth with logos, products, and services. You may even attach your own URL address for increased traffic and product promotion. To register additional staff, sign up for meals and social events, you will need to use RegistrationBoss.

Q: What’s RegistrationBoss?

A: It’s where you sign up for everything else--meals, social events, and more.

RegistrationBoss is where you will register yourself and your staff for all of the extras. Whoever registers your booth through BoothBoss will receive a name badge, but only for themselves. Anyone else you want to bring to your booth will need to sign up through RegistrationBoss. Tickets for meals, social events, and more can all be purchased through RegistrationBoss.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Go to www.MidwestGrape.com.

Simply go to our website. The BoothBoss and RegistrationBoss links are on the homepage! After you have registered online you will receive a follow-up email to confirm your registration and discuss any further details.